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Enrichment Program @ Bendemeer Sec NT-cipate Hip Hop – June-Aug 08

This 9 week program (3hours per session per week) was designed for Normal Technical students. Because this course was compulsory, my challenge was to motivate these students. Discipline is also a problem when these students get easily restless or lazy. It took time to build rapport with the students. At the end of the course they staged a hip hop dance item and it was awesome. Through dance, they have definitely become more disciplined and passionate people which I believe will stay with them for life.

Hip Hop with Chao Yang Special School – Year 2008

This group of kids choose to join the dance CCA, hence passion for dance is not a problem. The challenge lies in managing them; to hold their attention and to explain or show clearly instructions. Currently I’m preparing them for a combined concert item with ten year olds from St Anthony’s Primary.

People’s Association Community Centres (Hip Hop classes) – 2007 to 2009

The pool of students here are dance enthusiasts with interest but limited experience and technique background. My task is to equip them and hopefully further fuel their passion for dance and life. The courses I conduct are Hip Hop, Girls Hip Hop, J/K Pop, Street Jazz and Lyrical Jazz.


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October 1, 2015

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