Have you ever been love struck? 🙂
The frozen feeling yet stiff on the outside but so much molecular vibrational movement within that you just feel like exploding?
Yet there is this wave of dreamy, lovey-dovey surreal feeling of love and joy I want to ride
I want to enjoy, ravish and let these pulses of electromagnetic waves reverberating through my entire body take me on a journey
This little expression I hope will being you a tidal wave of emotion yet peace that is tranquil and the beauty of just free fall! That when fear cripples you and softens your knees, or gives you butterflies in your stomach, I want to dance with these butterflies and let them take my full being into a new road of discovery and exploration!
Playful and fun, this story has just begun!
I will not run, but have fun!
Dance and prance where the winds shall take me
lead me to thee
God is with me I shall not fear
our memories forever I shall hold dear
right here
whether we last
or whatever from the past
i’m gonna just have a blast!
And let these tidal waves of love come fast!
i know not what the future holds
but I think I’m ready with thunderbolts!
Let this electric feeling that pulsates within me
be my new driving force and a motivator for me
to propel me forward
and be the best I can be
May He help me see
more of His divine plan for you and me

XO by Beyonce (cover)
Danced by Chun

Director: Tomson Tee
DP: Martin Kim

venue by Eduardo Monteagudo

XO | Chun