The Choreographer & Producer

Recent works produced here:

Get Together NYC

A funky fun dance party for dancers, artistes and everyone in NYC! A welcoming, all accepting environment regardless of color or status! Where everyone comes as they are!
A monthly event on manhattan that features one dance solo act and a space for people to Get Together and have a good time!

AURORA: A Choreographers Showcase

A full length 2-hour production bringing NYC’s finest acts from Ballroom, Bboying/Breaking/HipHop, Street jazz, Vocals to apparatus acts on the Circus Lyra, Silks, Straps and Pole all in one show, bringing art as one.

Scarlet NYC

A versatile all-girls crew femme fatale based in the concrete jungles of NYC who do all dance styles from ballet, modern, hiphop, street jazz, acro, you name it!

Choreographic works: